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Photo of Jeffrey A Ping

Jeffrey A Ping


Jeffrey A Ping was born May 23 1954 In Indianapolis Indiana

Married Catherine August 30th 1984.

Jeff is a PC desktop engineer for the state of Indiana.

Masonic History

  • Jeff was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on September 15th 2009
  • Jeff is a member of Millersville Lodge 126
  • Millersville York Rite
  • Yeoman of York Perceptory #4
  • Millersville low 12 club
  • Scottish Rite Indianapolis Valley
  • Knights of St. Andrew
  • Ancient and Heroic Order of the Gordian knot Synod # 1
  • Marvin E Isley York Rite College # 129
  • Jeff was appointed a Supreme Grand Officer by the Supreme Grand Synod April 12th 2016.
  • Jeff has been the Illustrious Master of Hiram’s council 111
  • High Priest of Joshua chapter#158
  • Commander of H.E.Lackey Commandery #67
  • Jeff is the treasurer at Millersville Lodge 126